Google announces Android TV, coming in 2015

Google has just announced Android TV and it’s another attempt from the company to enter your living room. According to Google, Android TV is not a new platform but a form factor Android has always supported.


Android TV is designed under the newly unveiled Material Design guidelines. It will offer you movies, music, games, apps and TV series from the Play Store. You can get all the content and the apps from the Google Play Store on your TV. There’s also Google Search in tow.


You can share your achievements while playing games and there’s ability to play multiplayer games with your friends on Android phones and tablets. It also supports game controllers. You can control the Android TV through your Android phone or tablet and even your Android Wear smartwatch as well.


Android TV should launch in various form factors including set-top boxes, streaming devices and more. Later in the year, we’ll see TVs running Android TV themselves. Sony UHD TV sets scheduled for late in the year and early next year will support it. Philips and Sharp TVs that will launch next year will also have support for Android TV. Asus and Razor will be the first companies to launch Android TV set-top boxes. Android TV will get a wider release next year, that’s 2015.