Google Daydream VR now supported on the Galaxy S8 and S8+

When Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 and S8+, we were surprised to hear it would not support Daydream VR. Although the hardware was very much capable. But now, Google has announced through their beloved G+ medium that the two devices are now supported. Google actually will encompass 11 devices that will run Daydream VR.


It has taken some months for this to happen. As it was at Google I/O that support was declared for both devices. About a week or so, Verizon issued an update to get Daydream VR going on the flagship Galaxy S brothers. So we knew it was coming. The activation of the feature is thanks to a server-side switch. So it doesn’t require any update. Although, you might have to clear all cache of Google VR services app to enable the new feature.

It’s unclear whether Samsung’s collaboration with Oculus caused the delay. The two companies have a Gear VR lineup for Samsung handsets. It is a possibility that Oculus stopped Samsung from shaking hands with Google earlier.