Google Glass might teach people how to cook

Google Glass is sort of a mainstream fantasy gadget that has us waiting on it like crazy. Expected to release by the end of the year, this pair of smart glasses is expected to boast of a range of features including video streaming, emotion sensing, dressing up, driving safe and playing games. But how about helping you lap up delicious food? The KitchMe Google Glass app will let you cook easily and without the need to keep referring to a recipe book.


This app lets you search for recipes using voice commands and it can also let you search one by naming ingredients. The app will also serve up recipes by user rating. You can swipe between two recipes by using the touch pad on Google Glass. You can also use Google Now cards listed according to your favorite recipes. Google Glass can also give you voice directions for cooking, and you can also save your  favorite recipes on the glass timeline.

“Wearable technology is a huge opportunity and where better to focus than in the kitchen where so much of what we do today can be augmented by technology,” Steven Boal, CEO of Incorporated, the company behind KitchMe.

The Google Glass is getting irresistible by the minute. It seems hard to wait for its commercial release.