Google Pixel 4a to reportedly go on sale in October; launching next month

Google is having some serious issues as far as the launch of its Pixel 4a smartphone is concerned. The phone, which was expected to get launched in May, has been getting delayed. After getting delayed to June, the launch was again delayed to July with shipping expected to begin from August.

However, as per the new information, the device launch has yet again been delayed. This time, it is said that while the device will be announced on 13th July, the sale will commence from 22nd October.


It is also being reported that the company is scrapping the “Barely Blue” color option for the smartphone and the Pixel 4a will be available in a Black-colored model from October this year.

Although it remains unclear what the reason is for the delay, especially when the company has phones ready to ship. Reports indicate that Google is delaying launch because of the market conditions, which doesn’t make any sense.

Apple recently launched its iPhone SE 2020 and it seems to be performing quite well. Delaying the launch of Pixel 4a towards the end of the year could cost dearly to Google given that the Pixel 4 series hasn’t performed well. Expectations are high from the Pixel 4a as its predecessor was one of the best selling Pixel phones of all times.