How to find SAR value of any smartphone [Guide]

People use smartphones every day for calling and other purposes, but they don’t realize that a bad SAR value can cause adverse effects on health. They usually ignore this information and only care about the other interesting stuff like “How good the camera is?”, “How long the battery can last?”, “How fast it can perform?”, “What games can it run?” and etc. If you are unaware about it, smartphones can emit radiation through its radio frequency and it must be taken into the consideration because exposing radiation to our body may cause health issues.


What is SAR Value?

If you don’t know what is SAR value, SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is a measurement of the energy absorption rate at which a human body absorbs the energy when it is exposed to a radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic field. High SAR levels can be dangerous to the health.

Now you might be wondering what SAR levels your smartphone have? How to find SAR value of a smartphone? What tools are needed? How to get rid of the radiation levels? Generally, smartphones cannot be sold officially in selected countries if their SAR value exceeds the limit set by their government. In India, the limit is set to 1.6 W/Kg while other countries may differ from it.

How to find SAR value of your smartphone

The trick is very simple, you just need to open the phone dialer and type the following USSD code:

To find SAR value of your smartphone, dial this USSD code *#07# and see if a message pops up showing you the SAR value of your phone.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2016) shows 0.353 W/Kg and similarly your smartphone shows SAR values different than mine. Not every smartphone comes with same SAR values. I remember how Samsung used to have much lower SAR than other smartphones. The maximum limit for SAR is 1.6 W/Kg for mobile devices.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro SAR Value 0.353 W/Kg (Head)

How dangerous can it be?

In most cases, a lower SAR value won’t bother you, the lower is better for smartphones because the emissions of the radiation exposing to our body are very low. FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has stringent safety standards for smartphone radiation levels. Each country has its own SAR limits.

Smartphones are designed in a way that doesn’t exceed the limits set by the Government. However, if you find your smartphone with high SAR value (which generally doesn’t happen), you are advised to replace your smartphone immediately.

The 1.6 W/Kg SAR limit is safe to use. You may check the SAR information on the box or somewhere inside a user manual. Some smartphones provide this information on the box itself, so before buying, you can check the SAR levels easily.

The following are the SAR values of some well-known smartphones.

What SAR value does your phone have? Share with us in the comments.

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