How to hide notch on OnePlus 6T [Guide]

After launching the OnePlus 6 back in May this year, Chinese smartphone brand OnePlus launched OnePlus 6T in late October as a mid-cycle refresh to the OnePlus 6. Well, there aren’t too many differences between both these smartphones though. The OnePlus 6 and 6T differ only in terms of screen size, fingerprint scanner, and battery capacity. The OnePlus 6T, like the 6, also comes with a display notch. But, unlike the OnePlus 6, the 6T features a waterdrop-shaped notch which is smaller than the notch on OnePlus 6. Well, small or big, a notch is a notch, and it can annoy those who don’t love notches at all. If you are one of them, then read on as we show you how to hide notch on OnePlus 6T.


How to hide notch on OnePlus 6T

Step 1: To hide notch on OnePlus 6T, head over to the Settings > Display > Notch display menu.

Step 2: Now under the ‘Notch display’ menu, you will find two options – ‘Show the notch area’ and ‘Hide the notch area’. By default, ‘Show the notch area’ option will be selected which is the reason why the notch is visible.


To hide notch on OnePlus 6T, select the ‘Hide the notch area’ option. Once you do that, you will instantly see black bars appearing on the left and right side of the notch area which will make the notch invisible. Now whenever you take a look at the OnePlus 6T, you will feel as if the notch doesn’t exist.

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Well, that’s it. That’s how you hide notch on OnePlus 6T.

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