HTC confirms Android Pie update for these smartphones

Google announced Android 9.0 Pie earlier this week, and, the only smartphones that have received the Android Pie update are Google’s Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, and, the Essential Phone (PH-1). The Essential Phone received the Android Pie update on launch day and became the first non-Google smartphone to receive the Android Pie update. Well, while Google and Essential have already rolled out the Android Pie update for their smartphones, other companies are still probably deciding which of their smartphones to update with Pie. That said, Taiwanese smartphone brand HTC, which hasn’t been doing well for a couple of years, has now shared a list of smartphones that will get the Android Pie update.

HTC shared a list of smartphones on Twitter that will get the Android Pie update. The list isn’t too long and only includes four smartphones. They are HTC U12+, HTC U11+, HTC U11, and, HTC U11 Life Android One. Well, it’s surprising to see that HTC didn’t include the U Ultra in this list. HTC U Ultra was launched last year in January and is well within the two-year upgrade period limit of HTC. Probably the U Ultra is on low priority and HTC will update it with Android Pie after it updates the aforementioned devices.

That said, while HTC has confirmed Android Pie for U12+, U11+ U11 and U11 Life Android One, it didn’t share any specific timeline for the roll-out of update for any of these smartphones. “Timeframes for roll-out will be announced in due course.” said HTC.

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Other smartphones that are expected to receive the Android Pie update soon are Nokia 7 Plus and OnePlus 6.