Samsung Galaxy Note9 reportedly not coming with in-display fingerprint scanner

But we already have this feature on some Chinese smartphones

Last Sunday, Samsung announced its flagship smartphones of 2018 – the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ – however, neither of them came with an in-display fingerprint scanner. Instead, both of them come with a traditional fingerprint scanner on their back below the camera module. Well, while everyone had high hopes from the Galaxy Note9 in this regard, latest report suggests that may not be the case after all.

Samsung Galaxy Note8

According to a reputable analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, Samsung won’t be incorporating the in-display fingerprint scanning technology on the Galaxy Note9, and instead, will rely on the old-school fingerprint scanner that we have seen on last year’s S8/S8+ and this year’s S9/S9+. Well that’s because Samsung is facing some “technological difficulties” in putting a fingerprint scanner below the display.

Moreover, Kuo also says that this technology hasn’t matured as much as Samsung would want to put it into a smartphone, as it faces issues from screen guards and other “environments” that ultimately affect its success rate.

But we already have phones with in-display fingerprint scanning technology

Well, even if Samsung is facing issues with in-display fingerprint scanning technology, we already have phones from Vivo like the X20 Plus UD and the APEX which feature this in-display fingerprint scanning technology. Heck, the Vivo APEX even lets users put their finger on any portion of the bottom-half of the screen to unlock the smartphone. But it’s worth noting that APEX, unlike the X20 Plus UD, isn’t available for purchase and will enter mass-production by mid-2018.

With that being said, even if Samsung is facing issues with in-display fingerprint scanning right now, there always are chances of this South Korean tech giant overcoming those problems and go on to launch the Galaxy Note9 with an in-display fingerprint scanner. After all, there’s still a lot of time for Samsung to launch this Note8 successor.