New Samsung device featuring a QHD display leaks, might be the premium Galaxy S5

The much rumored premium Galaxy S5 has been denied by none other than Samsung’s very own CEO but it seems, Samsung has been working on it since very long. A new leak brings forward a new Samsung device, which might well be the premium Galaxy S5.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 features the codename “Project K” and the leaked Samsung device features a “Project KQ” moniker, which makes the claim of a premium Galaxy S5 stronger. To counter the upcoming LG G3, the Samsung device will feature a QHD/2K display.


It will also supposedly come with a new Exynos 5430 processor, which features four 2.1 GHz Cortex-A15 cores and four 1.5 GHz Cortex-A7 cores coupled with an ARM Mali GPU capable of handling the 2K display well. Reportedly, the chipset also has the ability to capture 8K UHD resolution (8192×4320) videos. 

The international version of the device will feature an Intel XMM7620 LTE modem, capable of speeds up to 300Mbit/s downlink and 150Mbit/s uplink while the Korean variant will incorporate Samsung’s very own modem. As per the report, the Exynos version will be offered in a few Asian countries and of course Korea while the rest of the world will come with Snapdragon 805 processor. The leak also suggests a new Samsung tablet based on the same specs that will be available in WiFi, 3G and LTE options.

As per the report, Samsung tested a UHD display packing Galaxy S5 prototype at the start before dropping it off due to manufacturing issues. With the LG G3 featuring a QHD display rumored to be coming in May or June, Samsung might be planning to counter it with the “premium” Galaxy S5. The leaked Samsung “Project KQ” may turn out to be an entirely different device, so we’ll suggest you to stay skeptic.