HTC working on three new wearables including a Google Now smartwatch

HTC has been having a rough time off late with declining market share and operating losses but that isn’t stopping them from trying out their hand at new tech such as ‘wearables’. As per reports from reliable sources, HTC is working on not one, not two but three wearable devices.


We had earlier reported about HTC working on wearable devices and today we have come to know more about HTC wearable devices. Among the three wearables, two are smartwatches, the first HTC smartwatch is said to be based on Qualcomm Toq. It will be shown off by HTC but only to carriers as of now. It will come with “Qualcomm’s Mirasol display technology, Bluetooth connectivity and a music player.”

The second smartwatch is said to be powered by Google Now and it will “likely feature an AMOLED display”. We don’t really know what a Google Now powered smartwatch means but we can assume that the device will work through Google Now commands which would be pretty darn great in my opinion.

The third wearable device is an “electronic bracelet that plays music” which sounds interesting. Not much is known of this wearable but for the fact that it will feature “a thin touch-screen display, music player and activity-tracking features.”

According to the report, HTC will be demonstrating these devices to carriers and developers in the upcoming weeks. There’s no mention as to when (and if) we’ll get to see an HTC wearable device hit the market.

HTC has been hard at work to get back into the game. It will be interesting to see how HTC tackles the wearable market considering not many devices have hit a chord with the consumers.

We would have wanted HTC to get back on their feet in the mobile market and reportedly, HTC might be making the next Nexus tablets, so they might be trying to get some traction through the Nexus brand. Then, there’s the HTC One’s successor dubbed ‘The All New HTC One’ which we know everything about. It will be an interesting year for HTC fans as this year will decide if HTC will remain relevant or not. We hope for the former.