5 Best Stealth Tips For PUBG Mobile

No wonder PUBG is one of the most played battle royale games on PC and it has gained a lot of popularity on mobile phones as well. The ultimate goal in the game is to emerge the last player standing, and no doubt you have multiple strategies that you can employ. There are players who play sneaky and silently, a stealthy approach in the game can be effective and lead you in a winning position. Here are the 5 tips to play in stealth mode in PUBG Mobile.


1) Attach A Suppressor To Your Weapon

Although it’s not easy to find a suppressor, equipping a suppressor is easily one of the best ways to remain undetected throughout the game. Once you got the suppressor, snap it to the supported weapon and play in stealth mode.

A suppressor attached to assault rifle, sniper rifle or any other weapons muffles the sound of the shots you fire and that’s good for you as it’s hard for the enemies to find you.

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2) Don’t Wear Boots, Run Barefoot

Boots anyways look cool on your character, however, while playing a match, boots do produce a sound that can let enemies find your location. Boots are also good for protection against your feet, but they create extra noise and to adopt a stealth approach, you would want to remove them and play the game barefoot.


3) Don’t Always Run, Crouch/Prone To Make Less Noise

Avoid running unless you are a pro who can evade the combats without the stealthy approach. Running will easily give enemies enough sound to find you, this way, your movements can be predicted.

It is advised that you should run only when it’s necessary and crouch (or prone) when you think enemies are nearby. This will also make you harder to find since you don’t make a sound yet, improving your chances to survive.

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4) Take A Position For Shooting

Take a position and snipe out enemies. It’s always better to stay at a place or take a position rather than running here and there finding the unnecessary loot. Once you have all the basic stuff in your inventory, start killing enemies and then loot them. Let them find the quality loot for you, all you need is to find and kill them.

Places you can be are,

  • Watch Towers
  • Top of the mountains
  • Rooftops of the buildings
  • From the windows at a height
  • Bridges, Rocks, Huts, and other lower grounds

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5) Try The Crossbow Weapon

Ever tried Crossbow? Yes, Crossbow is a type of weapon in PUBG that has the least sound (or no sound) while shooting. Built-in 2x unique scope and using a bar aiming system, it fires bolts that can kill an enemy instantly with a headshot.

While it may sound like this is the weapon you should play in the entire game, it’s slow reloading time, and one shot at a time weakens it. Make sure you keep a primary weapon along with the Crossbow if you plan to play with it.


Do you know any more tips to stay low and play stealthy, comment down below how do you play PUBG Mobile.