How to hide the notch on Nokia 6.1 Plus [Guide]

HMD Global has launched its midrange smartphone in India, the Nokia 6.1 Plus carries the Android One with a Snapdragon 636 chip inside. It also highlights the notch on its display, perhaps, this is the first Nokia smartphone to come with a notch. That said, the notch isn’t for everyone, there are people who still hate it and with that, we have made a guide for you. The Nokia 6.1 Plus allows you to hide the notch area, so here’s how you can hide the notch on Nokia 6.1 Plus.


How to hide the notch on Nokia 6.1 Plus

Previously, the Nokia 6.1 Plus was not able to hide the notch due to a security patch update that led Nokia to remove the notch hiding option on Google’s request. Now, the Nokia 6.1 Plus users will be able to hide the notch with this simple little trick.

The notch on the phone adds more screen space which looks tempting, however, the notch can be hidden in an obvious way. You head to the Display settings and Status bar style and you can choose from the two options – Default and Full bezel.

  • Go to Settings -> Display -> Status bar Style and choose the Full bezel.

The notch area will be filled with black bars to look like there’s no notch on the phone. The notch will be hidden and whenever you look at the display, you will feel it like the notch isn’t there.



That was it. If you feel you want to go back to the notched display, just visit the above steps and select the option Default. This will bring back the notch on the phone.

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