Vodafone revises its Prepaid and Postpaid Plans; Here are all the details

Telecom operator Vodafone is constantly revising its existing plans – both prepaid and postpaid – in a bid to rival other telecom operators, especially Reliance Jio. Apart from that, the telco also recently launched its VoLTE service in Mumbai, Delhi-NCR and Gujarat. Well now, the telco has revised some of its prepaid and RED postpaid plans to offer more benefits to its customers.


The prepaid plans that have been revised by Vodafone are priced at ₹199 and ₹509, whereas, the RED postpaid plans that have been revised are priced at ₹499 and ₹699. Let’s take a look at each one of them.

Vodafone ₹199 Prepaid Plan

This prepaid plan was first launched by Vodafone back in November last year. Back then, the telco offered free voice calls and 1 GB 4G data to its customers for 28 days. Now, this ₹199 prepaid plan offers free local and STD voice calls, free roaming, 100 free SMS per day, and, 1.4 GB of 4G data per day for 28 days that translates to a total of 39.2 GB of data.

Vodafone ₹509 Prepaid Plan

This prepaid plan was also launched by Vodafone last year in November, however, it was revised last month to offer a total of 7 GB more data to its customers. Well now, Vodafone prepaid customers doing recharge of ₹509 are offered 1.4 GB of 4G data per day for 90 days along with other benefits like free voice calls, free roaming and 100 free SMS per day.

Vodafone RED Traveler R ₹499 Postpaid Plan

Vodafone has revised this postpaid plan to offer 10 GB more data to its customers per billing cycle. Until now, Vodafone customers subscribed to this plan were offered 30 GB data, but now, they get 40 GB of data. Other benefits that come along with this plan include free local and STD voice calls, data roll-over up to 200 GB, free national roaming, and, 100 free SMS.

Vodafone RED Traveler M ₹699 Postpaid Plan

This plan initially offered 40 GB data to the customers. Now, it has been revised to offer 50 GB data in a billing cycle. Other benefits like free local and STD voice calls, free national roaming, data roll-over, and, 100 free SMS are available as well.

Well apart from all the aforementioned plans, Vodafone also has some prepaid packs up its sleeve that are priced at ₹18, ₹31 and ₹79. For ₹18, Vodafone prepaid customers get unlimited 2G/3G/4G data for an hour, and, for ₹31, they can use unlimited data between 1 pm to 6 am. However, for ₹79, Vodafone prepaid customers get free local and STD voice calls and 500 MB of data for a period of 7 days.

That said, it’s worth noting that Vodafone has announced these plans in Gujarat circle, however, they should be available in other circles soon if they aren’t already.

We are offering the best in class products in both prepaid and postpaid categories that are packed with unprecedented benefits and readily available at very affordable price points. We are incentivizing our customers to enjoy the Vodafone SuperNetTM 4G data strong network by partnering with handset manufacturers and offering cashback over the widest spectrum of 4G smartphones across various price points. This is in line with our strategy to democratise data and make 4G more accessible. As our customers become more digital and data savvy, we continue to invest in technology, products and services to provide them the best of service and experience.” said Abhijit Kishore, Business Head – Gujarat, Vodafone India.

In a press statement, Vodafone also said that its SuperNet 4G network now spans across 2500+ towns of Gujarat while covering 33 districts of the state. That said, here’s the list of cities in Gujarat that have Vodafone VoLTE, and, here’s the list of smartphones that are compatible with Vodafone VoLTE.