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How to find your top Instagram posts of 2017 [Guide]


We are in the last month of the year, and, fifteen days later, we will have entered 2018. A lot has happened this year in the technology industry, however, being a mobile technology blog, we talked more about smartphones and apps. We saw new design trends in the smartphone industry, and, popular apps like WhatsApp and Instagram among others received some cool new features.

Find top Instagram posts of 2017

Speaking about Instagram, the company rolled out features like multiple photo/video uploads in a single post while also finally allowing the users to share photos/videos on Stories that are older than 24 hours. The company also rolled out post and stories archives, and, more recently, introduced the ability for its users to follow hashtags.

Well, that’s how this year has been for Instagram. If you are an Instagram user and have shared quite a lot of photos and videos this year, you might be interested to find your top Instagram posts of 2017. Well, there’s no need to download any extra app on your smartphone just to find your top Instagram posts of 2017. If this sounds interesting, then read on, as we show you how to find your top Instagram posts of 2017.

How to find your top Instagram posts of 2017

Step 1: Open the Internet browser like Google Chrome in your smartphone (or desktop) and enter in its address bar.


Step 2: Once you open that website, you will see a text box having ‘Instagram ID’ written inside it. Well, to find your top Instagram posts of 2017, just enter your Instagram handle inside it and tap on the green-ish colored button that says ‘Get‘.


Once you tap on that Get button, the website will take a few seconds to a minute depending on the load, and generate square shaped image consisting of a grid of nine photos that are actually your top Instagram posts of 2017.


This website, apart from showing you your top Instagram posts of 2017, also shows you the total number of likes that you got on your posts in 2017. Also, needless to say, your top Instagram posts of 2017 are selected based on the number of likes they have got.

If you want, you can share this square shaped image on Instagram or elsewhere. All you have to do is click on ‘Photo only version‘ and then download the photo to share it with your friends.

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However, it’s worth noting that your Instagram profile needs to be public if you want to find your top Instagram posts of 2017. If it’s set to private, this method won’t work. But hey, you can always make your Instagram profile public for a minute or two, quickly find your top posts, and then set it back to private again.

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We hope you were able to find your top Instagram posts of 2017. And once you have, do share them with us on Instagram or Twitter by tagging our official handle – @MobiGyaan.

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