Here’s how much the Samsung Galaxy F foldable phone will reportedly cost

At its developer conference held in November, South Korean tech giant Samsung gave us a glimpse of its foldable smartphone which is reportedly called Galaxy F. The Galaxy F is reported to launch next year in March, and, its needless to say that this smartphone will cost more than our regular smartphones. But how much exactly will it cost? Well, Samsung hasn’t revealed that yet, but thanks to a report from a South Korean agency, we now know how much this foldable smartphone will be priced.

Samsung’s foldable smartphone will also double up as a tablet

According to South Korea’s CGS-CIMB Research, the Galaxy F will be priced at $1800 which translates to ₹1,29,456 according to the current exchange rates. Well, that’s quite a lot of money. However, the BOM (bill of material) cost of this phone is reported to be $636.7 which is around ₹45,790.


With a BOM of $636.7 and a retail price of $1800, Samsung will be having a profit margin of 65% which is 69% more than the profit margin of 55% Samsung has on the Galaxy S9+. Well, for those unaware, Cupertino-based Apple too has a profit margin of 65% on BOM of its iPhone XS Max.


CGS-CIMB Research further reports that Samsung, Huawei, and LG will be one of the first companies to launch a foldable smartphone, with the fruit company Apple expected to launch its foldable smartphone in the second-half of 2020.

The report further predicts that foldable smartphones will see global sales of 4 Million units in 2019, which will increase to 39 Million units in 2022. Furthermore, foldable smartphones will have a global share of 1.3% in revenue in 2019 which will go up to 9.2% in 2022. However, the average retail price of the foldable smartphones will hover around $1700 (around ₹1,22,260) in 2019 which will fall down to $1300 (around ₹93,500) in 2022.

With that being said, the report further states that the Galaxy F will come with a dual camera setup at the back which will include two 12 MP snappers. For selfies and video calls, there will be an 8 MP single snapper on the front.

The smartphone will also have 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of storage on-board, and, it is likely to be powered by Samsung’s Exynos 9820 or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 SoC. Besides, it will also have dual batteries which will offer a total battery capacity of 5000 – 6000 mAh.

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The Galaxy F will be coming with two OLED displays – the smaller display will measure 4.58-inch diagonally and have an aspect ratio of 21:9, whereas, the larger display will measure 7.3-inch and have an aspect ratio of 4.2:3. You can click on the Via link below if you are interested to read the entire report.

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