Samsung Galaxy S10 may come with Google’s Night Sight-like feature called ‘Bright Night’

Mountain View-based Internet giant Google launched Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL back in October this month, and with them, the company introduced a camera feature called ‘Night Sight‘ that wowed us all. With Night Sight, Pixel 3 users can take some amazing shots in low-light and during night. Well, it looks like Samsung’s Galaxy S10 may come with a similar feature called ‘Bright Night’.

CAD render of Samsung Galaxy S10+

The folks over at XDA-Developers dug through the source code of camera app of Galaxy Note9’s Android Pie build and found hints of Samsung working on a feature called Bright Night similar to Google’s Night Sight.


The way Samsung’s Bright Night works is similar to how Google’s Night Sight does: taking multiple photos and combining them to “get brighter, clearer pictures in low light without using the flash”. And, just like Night Sight, Samsung’s Bright Night also requires the user to hold the phone steady when taking a picture.

There’s no official word from Samsung regarding Bright Night, and, there’s neither any word on when this feature will be released. But, it’s safe to say that we may see this feature making its debut next year with Samsung’s Galaxy S10. It may even trickle down to older Samsung flagships later on just like other features have in the past.

Rumor mills have it that Samsung will launch a total of four different models under the Galaxy S10 branding next year – the Galaxy S10, the Galaxy S10 Lite, the Galaxy S10+, and, the fourth one will be a 5G variant which is internally called “Beyond X” at Samsung. We don’t know the commercial name of Beyond X though.

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