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How to record screen activity on Android

Android has the ability to capture screenshot but still if you want to record screen activity on Android, such as a game or some kind of chat, you need something that can record your phone’s whole screen activity. Perhaps you simply want to show your gameplay of Angry Birds to your friends. Recording your screen on…

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How to access blocked websites on Android

It is really annoying when you’ve limited access your school/college Wi-Fi or some public Wi-Fi and you’re pretty eager to access blocked websites on Android just because the ISP has blocked popular social sites like Facebook and other major sites that you surf a lot (if you know what I mean), not forgetting about file…

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How to transfer photos from Android to iPhone

One of the most common problems, when you switch from Android to iPhone or any other reason, is transferring photos and videos from Android to iPhone. Although, you can transfer everything using a PC or Mac with a USB cable, it just takes everything from connecting both phones to the computer, finding the right photos and transferring…

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How to check hidden last seen on WhatsApp

Many users on WhatsApp hide their last seen activity due to privacy or some other reasons. Sometimes you are too desperate to check your friend’s or girlfriend/boyfriend’s or even your spouse’s WhatsApp last seen activity on your phone to know if they are ignoring you, but you can’t do anything only because they have hidden last seen on WhatsApp. But in…

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How to record phone calls on Android

While smartphones are used to do a lot of things, a handy feature like call recording is always missing and none of the leading smartphone manufacturers give you built-in call recorder. Either you want to record a call for some customer service advice, an interview call or you want to remember something important in the…

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10 Camera alternative Apps for your Android

When you have the best smartphone camera it doesn’t mean that the stock camera app will click the best shots. With the help of various 3rd party camera apps, you can improve the quality of your photos, as well as enhance them with various editing options and tools that aren’t provided by your phone camera…

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