How to change download location in the new Microsoft Edge browser [Mac/Windows]

Microsoft has released the new Chromium-based Edge browser this year and if you have updated to the latest version of the Edge, it turns out that you have received the new Microsoft Edge browser. As you are using the Edge for a while, you start noticing that the files you download are saved in the default location i.e. Downloads directory on your Windows or Mac. You might be thinking to change the download location on the Edge browser, so here’s a quick little guide for you showing it.


How to change download location in the new Microsoft Edge browser

Here what you need to do to change the default download location on the Microsoft Edge browser.

  • Launch Microsoft Edge browser on your Windows or Mac.
  • Click on the three dots at the top right corner and click on Settings at the bottom of the list.
  • Click on Downloads on the left side, and on the right side, click Change as shown in the screenshot below.
  • You can also choose the slider Ask where to save each file before downloading so that you can save the files to a different location every time you download them. You will be asked to choose the download location on your computer.



That was it for now. If you are using any other browsers, like Chrome or Safari, you can also change the default download location on them. Changing the download location on Google Chrome is easy as well as changing the default download location on Safari.

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