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Samsung Z, 1st Tizen smartphone launched by Samsung

After several rumors and several reports of a delay, Samsung has finally announced its very first commercial Tizen smartphone, the Samsung Z. Talking about the hardware first, the Samsung Z comes with the same leather faux design, we first saw on the Note 3. Thankfully, it looks different than those plethora of Samsung smartphones. It is…

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Samsung Galaxy Mega 7.0 leaks in a picture

The Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 surfaced at the FCC yesterday and today, we have a leaked picture of the phablet/tablet, the Galaxy Mega 2 aka the Galaxy Mega 7.0. The device has leaked, thanks to a casemaker. The picture shows us what we had expected from the FCC visit. The Galaxy Mega 7.1 is a…

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Samsung announces health tracking Simband

With an increasing focus on devices, especially wearable devices, to track health of the users, Samsung has announced the Simband. Samsung has officially announced the Simband, which is an open hardware reference design for wearable technology with advanced sensing technologies that could be used to track measurements such as heart rate, respiratory rate and blood…

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