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BlackBerry Z3 Review : The average newcomer

BlackBerry, that one company which was once considered and owning the handsets from them was considered as a pride have seen a downfall since it wasn’t able to cope up with the boom of Android and iOS but the Canadian giant has not given up. And in one such move, the company announced the launch of…

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Spice Stellar 361 Review

Spice, of late, has been attacking the low-end smartphone market with renewed vigor. It has not only Android phones in tow, but also a Firefox smartphone and even an upcoming Android One  phone. The Spice Stellar 361 aims at cementing Spice’s grip over the lower segment of the smartphone market. Priced at Rs. 4,299 with…

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LG G3 Review: Inspiringly amazing

LG is one company that I would call, in the true sense, a student of the smartphone industry. Every year, the company tries to come out with something different that it hopes would dazzle you and yet also provide you something you can aspire for, more than anything. The LG G3 falls in the league…

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Spice Stellar 526 Review

Spice recently unveiled the Spice Stellar 526. Spice has always had something new up its sleeve, whether it be a new affordable smartwatch or the upcoming Firefox phones. But what about its mainstream Android phones, how do they match up in terms of innovation? Well, Spice has been trying to reinvent in every department, whether…

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Spice Smart Pulse smartwatch Review

Spice unveiled the Smart Pulse smartwatch a while back. It holds many titles – it is the first smartwatch from an Indian brand, it ranks among world’s most affordable smartwatches and most importantly, it is a quad-band device i.e. it can support 4 SIMs at a time, two can fit inside the watch, while two…

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Xolo Q1200 Review: Affordably average

Xolo is slowly and steadily gaining ground in the mid-range smartphone industry. It is incresingly becoming popular for its feature-laden affordable devices which immediately strike a chord with the the value-wise Indian smartphone customer. The company is giving shoulder-to shoulder competition to brands such as Micromax and Spice on the stands. Xolo has done so…

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