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iOS 7.1: 5 interesting features

iOS 7.1 was finally released this week and it brought along a lot of new stuff. It is widely recognized as a  much needed alternative to iOS 7 which was a bust for many of the older iPhones. iOS 7.1 brings along bug fixes, minor improvements and some interesting new features. Some things like iOS CarPlay…

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iPhone 5S saves soldier's life from a suicide bomber

The iPhone 5S is something remarkable just like every other iPhone before it. Android phones might have gained leverage in today's time, but the iPhone always comes up for special mentions - like this one. The iPhone 5S played the role of life saving armor and saved an American soldier's life in Afghanistan. Staff Sergeant…

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iOS 7.1 update makes iPhone 4 perform better, quicker

iPhone 4 was amongst the oldest devices to receive the iOS 7 update. However, many users complained  that the update made their phones buggy and slow. Thankfully, this problem has finally been corrected with iOS 7.1, which not only adds some new features, it also makes  the phone respond quicker. iOS 7 affected iPhone 4…

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