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Nokia to unveil its wearable devices later this year

Google recently announced Android Wear for wearable devices and we have seen LG and Motorola announce their own offerings. Every other maker is working on a smartwatch or a wearable of some kind. Nokia and Microsoft wouldn't want to be left behind, would they? There have been various reports in the past suggesting that Nokia…

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Nokia confirms "More Lumia" event on April 2

We know that Microsoft's annual Build conference is scheduled to start on April 2 and now, Nokia has gone ahead and confirmed their own event dubbed "More Lumia" for the same date. While we all know that Microsoft will detail the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update at the Build conference, there were rumors suggesting that…

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Microsoft's Nokia acquisition to be completed in April

When Microsoft announced that they will be acquiring Nokia's Devices and Services division for $7.2 billion last year, they expected the deal to go through in Q1 2014 but reportedly, the acquisition will only be completed around April. Microsoft and Nokia have issued a statement, which suggests that the wait for approval from anti-trust organizations…

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