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Apple to design the A8 Chip for iPhone 6 using Samsung’s assistance

In the smartphone industry, things come as a package. Take for example, Apple and Samsung’s relationship. While both companies keep entering into squabbles over patents and products, they also have a mutually beneficial back end relationship – Samsung designs many Apple components and has recently been responsible for designing 64-Bit architecture for iPhone 5S. This…

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Apple might be working on a 12-inch iPad [Rumor]

Apple might never got into 4-inch plus screens for its iPhones, but it might be in limbo for creating a 12-inch iPad something that will be a go-between its Mac PCs and iPads as they are. Chines newspaper United Daily News has reported that Apple might be working with its long time supplier Quanta Computer…

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iPhone 5S touchscreen ID lock can easily be fooled

Yes, Apple came out with revolutionary new feature like every other time they released an iPhone. Well, this time it is touchscreen ID or the fingerprint lock, whatever you may call it, that is looked at with awe. But really and truly, will your phone still be protected from intruders if you have a touchscreen…

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