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Apple might release iOS 7.1 this week

Apple has been expected to roll out an update to iOS 7 since long. The iOS 7.1 update is expected to bring along improvements and while a Beta version has already been released, and the official update is meant to bring along a lot of improvements such as bug fixes and more 64-bit app support.…

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Apple brings iOS in the car with CarPlay

We recently told you that Apple might announce its ‘iOS in the car’ initiative at the Geneva Motor Show and well, they have announced it today under a new moniker, CarPlay. Apple has launched CarPlay in partnership with Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo and CarPlay will be premièred this week at the Geneva Motor Show. Apple describes…

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iPhone 6 might be unveiled in July

Apple has forever maintained its identity as a company different from all the others. But off late, it has started responding to market pressures. The first break in the tradition was the screen size, which changed with the iPhone 5. Now, it seems, Apple might break another tradition – the one of unveiling its iPhones in…

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