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Twitter introduces interactive notifications on the web

Twitter has been busy implementing Facebook like features in the recent past and it seems to have taken another page from Facebook's book. Twitter has just introduced interactive notifications on the web. Similar to notifications on Facebook, there will be a pop-up on Twitter web every time someone replies, favorites or retweets one of your Tweets. There's…

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Pinterest is now available in Hindi

Pinterest might be the world's best bookmarking service. It helps you organize and share your images and interests. It also shows stuff as a collection of images displayed beautifully, linking back to sites. But, how about viewing all that in a desi way? Pinterest has added support for Hindi language. How to access it? All…

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Huawei launches 7 new Wi-Fi data cards in India

Huawei has just announced 7 new WiFi data cards in India under its various categories. this move by Huawei is to cater the needs of the growing annual PC sales in India. Under the premium Mobi-Fi category, Huawei has brought about three new devices - E5220, E5151 and E5730. They feature 1150mAh, 1500mAh and a 5200mAh battery…

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